About – WOTLK Classic Gold & Transmogs

About – WOTLK Classic Gold & Transmogs

I recently shifted the entire topic of my website from Nike shoes and apparel to WOTLK Classic Transmogs and WOTLK Classic gold.

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About WOTLK Classic Pre-patch changes

Hello everyone. Today I’ll be talking about some of the upcoming new changes that will happen in the Wrath of the Lich King pre patch. At the top right corner, a new icon has been added. When you click this icon, again calendar will appear. And in this calendar, you can track different things. For example, the next time on fire event, an upcoming rate which are killed, or maybe even midsummer fire festival and other in game events. This is going to be handy so you can see what will happen in your guild in the future. But also other important events in the game in the pre patch to barbers should also allow you to change your hairstyle, face, and even gender. So if you don’t want to play a female character any longer, you could always swap to a male character or the other way around. Hopefully, we will also see a name change so we will be able to change our name so it fits our current gender. Someone city has also received some changes how bar has been add, where you will be able to take a boat to Berean fundraiser in norfund. Of course, you can’t go to norfund in the pre patch, but another boat has also been added into the game, and this boat will take you to dark shore in Darkshore, you can then take another boat to Exodar to drain our main city on another boat to Darnassus to Nadeau main CD. OT has also received some new ways to travel outside archroma You can find a new tower where there’s two different siblings, one of these siblings will take you to an orphan and the other one to fund the bluff the torrent main CD. Another big change that I’m looking so much for too, is that you will now be able to link your professions. So if someone is crafting something, you can ask them to link to profession so you can see if they can actually craft it, but also what maps you will need. You can also easily look up items and even search for them. So this is going to be a handy change that I’ve been waiting so long for the achievement system has also been implemented. And I’ve just released a video where I explain different things you can start preparing in Burning Crusade. So when the pre patch goes live, you will unlock a lot of these achievements or will complete them instantly. You can find this video but also a lot of other preparation videos in the description.

As you’re struggling with your inventory and backspace into pre patch, you can now right click on your mounts and add them to a mount up. So you no longer need to use any backspace with your mouse, you can just have them in this tab. This will save you a lot of backspace. And in case you have any pets, then you can also right click on these and add them to a pip tip. The Mount casting speed will also be reduced. It used to be three seconds. Now it will be one and a half seconds. And you can even jump with your mount into the water without this mounting. In Burning Crusade you will dismount whenever you hit the water. Before sharing the remaining changes, then I would like to say thank you to all the people who support the channel. It certainly means a lot to me. And it’s a huge motivation. Soon I’ll reach 16,000 subscribers. So thank you once again for supporting the channel into pre peps items, we’ll also see a huge change because that will be changing that will no longer be healing and spell damage. Instead, this will be called spellpower. So what used to be really good healing items, or maybe spellcaster items might all of a sudden also be useful for other roles. This stuff used to be so good for healers, but all of a sudden, this might also be useful for for example, mages and warlocks and maybe even a Shadow Priest. So whenever you get an item with spellpower, you can use this as different specializations, you will just need to change the gems so it fits your current specialization or the steps has also been changed. So now it’s just going to be called haste rating, crit rating and hit rating. In Burning Crusade is an example used to be called spell haste rating or haste rating. So if you have spell haste rating, it only affected your spells. This will no longer be the case in Wrath of the Lich King as a shaman to totem appearance will also change. So as a troll there will look like this. If you play an orc that will look like this. And finally, as a torn there will look like this. In the pre patch. You can also purchase dual specialization for 1000 Gold. This will allow you to have two talent trees that you can easily swap between. So in case you’re raiding, and all of a sudden you no longer need to tank because this fight doesn’t require three tanks but only two then you can easily swap to DPS or healer. Overall, this will save you so much time and be extremely handy in case you also like to have a few peace back and a PVE spec talking about talents and talent trees then these will also receive a lot of changes. A lot of new talents and spells will be added to every single class in the game. If you wish to see these new talents and spells, then I’ve left the link in the description where I show most of them for every single class and new feature has also been at and this is the glyph system. At level 70. You can have two major and two minor glyphs. glyphs will allow you to customize your spells even further.

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