WOTLK Pre Patch Death Knight Preparation and Gearing Guide

WOTLK Pre Patch Death Knight Preparation and Gearing Guide

This video shows how to prepare with a Death Knight for the WOTLK PrePatch.

Is it necessary to prepare for the pre patch if playing with Death Knight?

Hello everyone and welcome to my deaf night Preparation Guide. In this guide, I’m going to talk about different things you can prepare right now, but also things you can do into pre patch to be as ready as possible for Wrath of the Lich King. A preparation that you can do in Burning Crusade is to buy different route weapons so can level a bit faster. This could for example, be the level 60 Round weapon blade of misfortune, but also the eggs of the Legion level 63 one and x that is extremely useful as a first step tonight. Also because it provides a lot of expertise and you can equip two of these at the same time. Another useful weapon as an unholy and blood Death Knight Mr.

Crystal forced boys at level 69 to hand weapon at level 70. You can also purchase to cheap epic weapons onto auction house either this acts that has a chance to increase your haste rating, but it could also be dismays. Another intellect and to restore mana is not useful for Deaf night but still destroyed the stamina and the damage and the weapon is fairly decent for fresh level cemetery def night. For those of you that plan to tank as a level 70 def night in the pre patch didn’t recommend you to fell still set three tanking items that provides a lot of stamina, defense and gem slots. But if you need even more defense, you can always equip these items with gems that provides more defense. For those of you that would rather like to do DPS or recommend you to Rachel said three items that increases your strength and crit and there’s even some shorter pets that also increases your head.

On which WOTLK Classic Servers is Death Knight available?


Even the full set will grant you some additional hit. And this is essential as a first level 70 later in the video, I’ll show you more items we can purchase so we can start doing the different Burning Crusade rates even faster. But first, I would like to show you different things that is important to do when you’re leveling your deaf night. When you reach level 65 I would recommend you to do during a flood in the background. There’s a lot of different quests you can do to get gold but also a ton of experience. And the final quest will even grant you a 200x This is such a good weapon that will increase your leveling speed, bad luck, and you will most likely be able to use this all the way up to level 70. At level 65 You can also pick up these two quests outside the dungeon set of holes. In the first quest, there’s two rewards for your class, either this poem, or this letter headpiece.

In the second quest you can choose some decent next is that this one for tanking bought this one for DPS between double 67 to 69 I would recommend you to do the dungeon steam balls at least ones outside the dungeon you can pick up a quest that will reward a decent plate Helm. And all you need to do to complete this is simply just to kill the final verse inside the dungeon. When you’re in here, you’ll most likely find some qualifying moments at the same time. This you need to keep to gain some reputation with affection, but also to get some additional experience. And at the same time try to find this item inside the dungeon as well. It will start a quest that we need to do by completing this one you will unlock a follow up that tells you to bring a car thank amoment this was the item you loaded inside symbols. And now you can hand this in instantly to get some additional experience.

This will also unlock the opportunity to hand in more qualifying moments. It will not grant you experience but instead reputation which Cenarion Expedition. And the reason why this will be important is because by the time that you reach word, you can purchase a hip and chant. This will increase your hit and attack power. There’s a lot more things to prepare and D so I’ll show you in a moment. But when you’re about to level your deaf night, I recommend you to get one add on rested experience and add on to it will tell you the perfect route to level from 55 to 70. But also an add on you can use in Wrath of the Lich King from level one to add. It will tell you when to use your Hearthstone, when to set your Hearthstone to new location or quests to do in which order and what you need to do into different quests and there’s even an arrow that will guide you to the next location. This is such a time saver and that’s why I always use this myself when I’m leveling a new character. You can find the link to this add on in the description below the video.

Anyway until the next thing to prepare. When you are leveling, I would recommend you to also do the dungeon shadow lebrandt. In shadow labyrinth there are so many different quests to do to get some additional experience. I usually do this dungeon when I’m level 69 And besides getting gold and experience from the quest you can also choose some rewards. As a Death Knight I recommend you to pick the plate bolts, and in the second quest either pick the plate braces for tagging or the letter braces for DPS. When you’re questing, make sure to do this in all the zones. This will give you repetition with different factions and this is needed to purchase the Iraqis.

Overalls you will also save time because you get repetition and experience at the same time. So you don’t have to go back at level 70 to do low level requests and low level dungeons to farm repetitions. That’s affection that I recommend you to focus on if you plan to take as a Deaf night and that’s the keepers of time. When you reach revert you unlock this tagging hidden chant to provide Stevens and Dutch and this hidden channel is even useful in the beginning of Wrath of the Lich King. in Stratford City, you can choose between either the Eldar or the squires you can hand in Fela moments to get repetition with the Eldar, or you can hand an arc in terms to get repetition with the squares. But anyone with a lot of gold, I will recommend you to get to exalt it what one of these factions This will unlock some blue shoulder and chance that is useful in Burning Crusade, but even in Wrath of the Lich King. So you can use the shoulder on chance when you’re leveling your character, but also in the beginning when you reach level AD. The reason for why you can use these at level ad is simply because you need repetition with the different brands of the lich confections to unlock the new head and shoulder and chance. So it’s simply better to use your Burning Crusade and chance instead of not using anything on your new shoulder and hit pieces. When you’re leveling your draft night, make sure to also use different flasks. For example, this one that increases your maximum health and defense, another one that increases your attack power. Using these between the 65 to 70 will definitely have an impact on your leveling speed.

On the auction house, you can purchase the cemetery epic items to make sure you start doing different heroics and rates even faster. The first item you could purchase as a tank is going to be disappearing. And as a DPS, you might find the cloak of darkness useful. If you have a lot of gold, make sure to also purchase the red belt of Babylon and even the chest guard of exile. And as a tank, you could also purchase these two document decks. Just remember that you need Darkmoon Faire to be active else you cannot hand in these decks and get the trinkets just as a race as a normal dungeon that is going to be important to do a normal mode you have a chance to get these epic plate boots. And because you can let these are normal mode, you can just reset the dungeon over and over. In this dungeon. There’s also question to do and this will unlock heroic mode. On heroic mode, there are so many useful items as a Death Knight, including these two trinkets. On top of this, you can also get this chess piece and the weapon. And like it wasn’t enough there’s an additional weapon with slower tech speed and also some shoulder pieces. So make sure to do my justice racer work every single day to increase your chance of getting geared as fast as possible.

By the time that you’ve got some decent gear make sure to start doing the different rates, for example, TFR rates, or maybe even Solomon. That’s an easy way to get some more epic items and even batches and dispatches you can use to purchase different level 70 epic items, just for example, some cheap ones that isn’t that great, but you can also buy some more expensive items that is equal to tier five and six items. Now that I’m already talking about reading, make sure to head back to Kevin’s of time and pick up this question. This will tell you to collect two quest items. One of these being from the final bus and surplus Ryan caverns and the other one being from the final bus interface keep when you have connected these two hit back to the same NPC this will also reward you with a decent bring. You can choose this one for tanking, but there’s also a decent one for DPS. Remember, you can only get one of these rings so choose carefully. So what should you do next? Well simply continue to do heroics and rates to get some better gear so you can level faster in Wrath of the Lich King.

Another thing you could do as well is to do pu p because with honor you can purchase different level 70 epic items, but you can also keep the honor for Wrath of the Lich King. Another important thing to take care of is your professions. Ideally, you would like to reach at least double 350 So you can learn the new professions in the next expansion. On top of this, try to get your epic flying skill. This will have a huge impact in the next expansion simply because you can start using your flying mounts at level 77 So this will increase your leveling speed to reach level 80 even faster. If you would like to see more classic videos make sure to check out the channel in the future. I will also post more videos for wrath the lich king but also the upcoming first servers to make sure you don’t miss those videos subscribe and hit the notification belt. But yeah as always, thank you so much for watching and have an amazing day. Peace

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