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WotLK Classic – How In Demand Will Your Class Be?

Wonder how demanded your class will be in WOTLK Classic? Watch the video:

A new expansion always sees a massive shake up in the class power matter. However, unlike retail over the years, we already have a pretty good idea of what classes are going to be good for how long and exactly why you will want them in your raid. And if we were to look at the classic trilogy of vanilla TBC, and Wrath of the Lich King, I’d say wrath quite easily has the most semblance of balance across the board. But with the nature of MMOs and optimization, there’s always going to be something which is the best. Fortunately, in BRAF, though the best isn’t quite so easily defined. Back in classic we had mage warriors and rogues in TBC. At the moment, we have hunters and warlocks though mages and warriors are also doing very well and Wrath of the Lich King we have well it’s kind of hard to say shamans are good early or three DK specs do well throughout the whole game.

Warlocks are great and there just isn’t really any one class you can single out and say these guys just aren’t going to do well at any point throughout the expansion. It’s one of the things that I think makes a brand worth looking forward to you can’t really go wrong with whatever you pick, the idea of the class that you’re only ever going to bring for utility is not quite gone. However, it’s much less of a thing than it is in TBC. There are only really two examples of you must have this exact one class in your raid for this one specific buff and those are heroism from shamans and a new talent from demonology Warlocks called demonic packs that gives you a rate a large spellpower buff that scales with the warlock zone spellpower many strong class buffs are now shared across a number of specs rather than only ever being from one source by percent spell crit can either be from Elemental Shaman or a boon kin and percent attack power can be from an enhancement shaman, a blood DK or a maximum Hunter, and so on. It’s more about building the camp that makes sense for the patch the right size you’re running and covering as many buses as you can which synergize with what you have, but much like vanilla and TBC though not all classes are made equal.

On Which WOTLK Classic Servers You Can Play Your Favorite Class?

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Being group wide makes shamans absolutely irreplaceable in the current version of the game and you want to try as much as you can to ensure that you have at least five shamans all of the time in the run up to TBC launching I predicted the most in demand class and spec would be a resto shaman if not just a shaman by itself and I think that that’s been the case and wrath you don’t really need five Shamans in the raid and much like TBC one of their DPS specs does not scale particularly well or being elemental and other classes can either bring the same buffs or actually just better buffs than they can enhancement is still solid as his restoration but not super mandatory to have in your raid as they are in TBC you will at least always always want one charmer now heroism or Bloodlust is still the single strongest cooldown ever made in the history of World of Warcraft by a very long way.

If everybody currently on a shaman though continues onwards, there’s going to be a few more than there’ll be raid spots for I think unders remain a strong DPS choice either playing survival early and transitioning to marksman later on as they gain more armor penetration. ances are currently a very popular choice in TBC. Because of their powerful single target damage and excellent scaling the biggest difference is beasts mastery goes from the best DPS spec to kind of nobody plays it anymore.

their play style also changes significantly from managing clipping shots to being more cooldown and rotation based you’ll need reliable hunters that are good on communications because of misdirection it’s still a unique skill because it can be used from a range position to get adds to the tank quickly and avoid issues. I think hunters are going to naturally see a drop off from how many are played since there are other choices for people chasing the top of the damage meters in Wrath priests are still fond tastic healers though discipline actually becomes a much more popular choice to play in PvE.

This requires good fight knowledge as they heal preemptively through shielding so that damage never happens. Holy Priest just isn’t really played as much in wrath. It’s not that it’s bad. It’s just other healers do the thing it does a little bit better, which is raw healing power. So you may be looking at a change of specialization in Wrath as a priest healer, you still absolutely want to shadow in your group, not as a man or battery anymore, though other classes can do that as well. There are solid DPS they have excellent survivability through dispersion as well as bringing a number of buffs and debuffs. It’s kind of similar to how they are in TBC.

You need one but only really ever one. As for demand, I’d say priests are about the same a good pic more utility focused however, majors well, they have done way better than we expected in TBC major players might even stick out playing the whole of TBC as arcane if I can’t beat in sunwell gear which is unexpected and because of how well they can do on top meters. They attract a lot of attention and reroll us it’s going to be the exact same in Wrath of the Lich King major Start Strong as arcane providing massive burst windows on short encounters, which makes them really fun and powerful later on transitioning to play fire, which needs a bit more credit to work. Also, fire majors have pretty much absolutely zero responsibility other than doing damage and they’re very easy to play and you can top the dps on them.

There’s going to be a lot of majors like really a lot. Well there’ll be enough raid spots for them. Well you can certainly bring more than one so perhaps there will be just about Warlocks my class well Warlocks Wrath of the Lich King is a very good expansion for us, affliction may be the single most consistently strong DPS spec in the game from start to finish. There is never a raid or a tier where you do not want an affliction lock they do a lot of damage. They scale well. They have unique utility and soulstone and hailstone. the execute phase is amazing thanks to a rework to drain soul. They bring good buffs and debuffs and yeah, just everything you could possibly want.

This is a great DPS spec demonology is one of the you really want at least one in your brain at all times specs thanks to the unique buff demonic packs which we mentioned before you should should being the key word here also get funneled upgrades as a priority and upgrade to the demonology lock is technically an upgrade for every single class that uses spell damage demo however should fall off in damage somewhat later in the game compared to affliction as for Destro it’s more of a PvP thing. Now I’d say Destro has had a good run in vanilla and TBC though if TBC made Warlocks popular Wrath of the Lich King will make it even more so expect a lot of demand and raid spots for the purples in Wrath rogue, rogue the fall from classic to TBC hurts now they are starting to really prove themselves again in tier six content in BRAF low can we expect to really see more than one yellow class per raid. Well, I guess if you have them sure broke.

So I have two PvE specs assassination which is not totally garbage anymore, and is a very consistently strong single target spec with a low gearing of requirements and combat which excels in clave and scales better in like gang gear especially armor pan. You do want to Rogen Wrath of the Lich King though and there are more reasons to bring them now other than the de bas which they give because they get their own version of Miss direct called tricks of the trade except this also busts the targets damage by 15% for the duration as well. Often in Wrath robes would use tricks on each other to share the buffer round because 15% damage on a tank sometimes isn’t very exciting. Still rogues are just such a popular class fantasy they always have been I don’t think there’s a version of well that doesn’t have more roads than you really need roads. I’ll keep it short.

It’s the same as dBc one of each is great for your raid camp. As for the 10 Man’s It depends what kind of build you’re going for Farrell obviously fits mele better. While Bhumi is better for casters out of all three I expect a lot and I mean a lot of people to at least want to try Farrell this spec gets so much better in Wrath of the Lich King though it does have a considerably higher skill cap and many of our classes do due to how many different buffs and debuffs you need to be juggling at the same time. oil tanks are still good but they won’t be as good as they are in TBC any more that’s for boomers they have super powerful AOE solid single target damage and I just can’t wait to get into an LF G with a Bumi and have them pull the entire room with staff all you just know it’s gonna happen don’t you?

Resto is resto they’re just a solid healer you want them in your raid I don’t really have much more to say on them. And of course druid brings the standard druid utility with a combat res and innovate Oh also they now have a normal resurrection thanks bliss only took you four years onto the last three then the plate boys warriors yeah, there’s gonna be way too many whenever has there not been a version of WoW with too many warriors again much like TBC warriors are supposed to be weak early, but scale insanely well with gear DPS wise expect a lot of competition for warrior spaces. By the time we’re hitting the end of the expansion. I expect them to be living up to the hype for sure.

Oh in rafters there’s a little weapon as well called Shadow mon you might have heard off which all three plate DPS will be after prot Warriors don’t care good reputation and Wrath of the Lich King at all I don’t think they did in the star of TBC either and they’ve been fine throughout it’s just people tend to overlook things if they aren’t considered the best I think I can say they’re not what they once were in classic anymore and that are largely better options but that’s fine if you still want to run them Paladin. Okay, here we are. If you made a Paladin, I think you are playing the most in demand class in Wrath of the Lich King and it’s just not even close. You are the new Shaman. That’s the level of how many Paladins people will want the civically holy Paladins there isn’t a huge amount of them being played in TBC and do you really want a holy paladin in Wrath if not two of them if you’re 25 my group they are insanely powerful and just have so many buffs and can absolutely pump heels.

Also small sidenote volunteer scales the best with holy Paladins just a little extra thing to think about that you want Paladins for blessings for auras for judgments. paladins are the best main tank by a margin of a very large amount so they are kind of broken in Wrath of the Lich King just like holy so many bonuses for the raid, insane survivability, raid wide defensive cooldowns strong single target and AOE threat you just want a prop held in every single raid group ever, and retribution wrapped I think is going to be a very oversaturated DPS spec. I believe they are the single class and spec which can provide the most overall buffs in one package. It’s either five or six separate boss depending on what else you brought. I also feel as though people are remembering how broken bread was early as a benchmark for the spec, but it won’t be until you get your tier 10 to set which is Icecrown Citadel by the way until you start doing really broken things. Still, it’s never bad to have a rat in the raid, which means we end on the new class the Death Knight they’re kind of like druids one of each all day every day. Frosty k’s are sometimes referred to as better Enhancement Shamans as they bring similar buffs but often just outperform them in PvE they do wield and have strong single target damage and AOE burst on Holi scales very well.

They use a big to handle it and have strong single target cooldowns and very good AOE also one and holy is exceptionally good for cleaning counters as they can spread the magic damage debuff super fast that your casters can focus on blasting, not debuffing love decays have the best single target threat a huge amount of cooldowns and don’t need to hide behind no shield. I played the blood DK casually in Wrath when it was live and always loved how much control you have over your own health bar rather than hoping a hill was going to land and lock you up. Obviously decades on RAF launch were way over tuned and they got gradually nerfed throughout the expansion, but those still remain powerful. And if you don’t think definitely it’s not going to be mega over represented in RAF then you’ll be in for a surprise but I think all the same there will be enough raid spots for the influx of the new class.

And that’s it like we started with you can’t honestly go too wrong, whatever you pick, it’s just that some classes and specs do a little bit better than others. The full videos on each class will be done at a later date of course where I’m going to expand on everything here and give you a lot more detail on what your class does well and why in TM let me know your thoughts and everything as well as what you’re thinking about playing at the moment. I know I’m carrying on with the warlock maybe even two Warlocks one demo one app perhaps a feral if I can fit that in as well. They do look very interesting, but that is everything from me. As always, thank you all so much for watching and listening and I shall see all the next one very soon.

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