WOTLK Classic Gold Transmog and Clothing Styles

Since the release of transmogrification, in Cataclysm players has been experimenting with all kinds of weird and wonderful armor combinations to try and make their wild character look as unique as possible. Recently, I’ve been doing a transmog show on my Twitch stream once a week to either show off some of these designs, or offer some advice and feedback to the people that aren’t too sure on what mug they want to go for. In this video, we’re going to take a look at both the top 10 Trans mugs and slot mugs that I’ve been sent over the past month as voted by my lovely viewers on Twitch tv. If you enjoyed this video, please hit the subscribe button as I’ll be doing a video like this once a month number 10.

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Corrupted Ashbringer WOTLK transmog looks super cool!

Baxter Baxter has gone for a green themed Hunter transmog and at a glance you may think it’s a full set but what he’s done is combined to the hunter pvp season nine with the tier 11 Charmin off pieces to make the bulk of the set. As a hunter he’s even tried to get the pet involved which works pretty well. This set was voted in at number 10 This was actually being unfinished back so since send me a better version, it’s going to be judged on my next transmog stream. Overall it’s a really solid Hunter mug that combines pieces from two awesome sets. Number nine Phoenix Phoenix has gone for a sexy female Blood Elf Hunter themed mug that works really well.

Despite the theme and Serbian a rather common choice amongst Bloodsail female transmogs Phenix has made the best version I’ve seen so far she’s got the perfect matching pair her weapon works well and she’s even included a screenshot of the set with wings which looks even better it’s a really nice seam said that deserve to be voted in at number nine for all the work that was involved in putting it together. Number eight happy fun run happy fun Ron has an interesting transmog that I wasn’t too sure about on stream at first, but looking back I think he’s done the best he could with the Lucky’s girl for happy fun runners combined pieces from Paladin tear 12 Heroic with the head and shoulders and Paladin tear 16 Heroic to make an almost furnace styled Paladin mug it looks pretty badass however I’m not entirely convinced by the weapon or gloves.

Would You Buy A WOTLK Classic Gold Transmog?

Regardless, most people on stream love this rating it with either a nine or a 10 out of 10 and whilst I do think there are some improvements that can be made. This is stuff that you don’t see used every day. Number seven Blue Morpho Blue Morpho has gone for an incredibly blue themed monk transmog that reminds me of subzero for Mortal Kombat. The set looks really unique and badass almost like he’s a master of ice and lightning. He’s also done us the favor of telling us where he got the pieces from so bonus points for that. So buying a Classic WOTLK Transmog is not the same as when you search google to buy gold WOTLK. When I showed this on stream most people loved it and many people have since told me that they’re going for a similar look on their mug. So it was no surprise to me when it was voted in at number seven. It’s a badass mug with plenty of originality and character. Number six lap dog lap dogs clearly based his transmog around the device Brotherhood’s leader Edwin van Cleef, and he’s pretty much nailed it. Despite many of the pieces being from the same set the amount of time and effort it must have taken to put this together blows my mind. Again, it’s always better to search Google if looking to buy WoW WOTLK gold.

When I showed this on stream everyone unanimously agreed as a 10 out of 10 transmog and definitely deserves to be on this list. Another thing I like about this is a fully functional working transmog which isn’t always the case with themed mugs. Overall listen amazing themed mug this pretty much nailed VanCleave number five F has gone with a really top heavy Charmin fiends mug that works pretty well since he’s planning enhancement. Not only do I think this set looks cool, but I love the choice of shoulders head and belt, which makes the site look really bulky and badass while staying true to the RP value of a Charmin, and i still think that buying WOTLK Classic gold is even cooler considering i do not wish to spend hundreds of hours farming it.

When I look at this, I’ll get the feeling of a shamanistic hunter gatherer that roams the barrens, incorporating dead animals into his armor. He wouldn’t look out of place but I went alongside Rexha Overall, it’s a really nice enhancement Charmin transmog number four Nirach now this is the best looking monk set I’ve seen so far. neurotics absolutely killed it with this mug matching the blue and brown theme together perfectly. When I first saw this I instantly thought of Raiden from Mortal Kombat. I’m not sure if that’s what he was going for. But regardless, it looks really badass. while still staying true to the RP value of a monk. This was another set of the stream agreed was an easy 10 out of 10 and it’s one of my personal favorites on this list. Overall, this unique monk transmog the looks incredible, wasn’t it near rocks clearly put a lot of effort into number three Aquaman looking at the smoke for the first time you’ll probably think to yourself what the fuck am I looking at until you realize is a themed mug based on the superhero Aquaman now knowing this and comparing it with a picture of Aquaman it’s hard to argue that this isn’t an amazing transmog he’s got the color theme nailed throughout the set and he’s even found a trident to go with it.

The only recommendation I’d have for this set is to get the gold version of the weapon and as the central our Trident from diamo. Other than that it’s a great mug that I was actually surprised to see voted in and number three number two death Goku def Goku has gone for a really badass dark themed monk transmog die instantly loved when I first saw it. I’m pretty sure each piece is from a different set and the Tabata weapons go together perfectly, making the set stand out from other black transmogs I was definitely not surprised to see this get voted in and number two as a set that must have taken a ton of time putting together you get the tower from a rap grind and the swords both come from a long ass quest chain. With that in mind Steph gopis monk transmog is on the same level as neurotics monk in terms of creativity and awesomeness, Buck ufone.

Would you spend money on WOTLK Gold or WOTLK Transmog?

Number one, Yoshi. Yoshi has been voted number one on this list for one simple reason. Her WOTLK transmog looks absolutely amazing. She’s managed to combine so many colors in the set and still have it work. You’ve got the aqua blue and the belt weapon, shoulders and neck. And she has been getting plenty of WoW WOTLK gold through the popular websites out there. The green hair matches the green diamond on the neck piece and the yellow and green from the robes work well with the shoulders and it all comes together to make something really unique and amazing. I knew this mug would be on this list from the moment I saw it and the best thing is, all the pieces are really easy to obtain. So now we’re gonna take a look at this month’s Top 10 slot mugs number 10 Valera Valera sloth mug for me borders between q and suggestive on her female Blood Elf rogue. Most of the says red famed although the daggers don’t match at all, regardless is not a bad slot mug but there’s definitely some improvements that can be made removal of the tabard new weapons and a headpiece would be a few suggestions.

Overall is a decent slot mug that needs some work before it can become something great. Number nine pick a Kima picker Kima slot mugs one that I really like Not only does it look pretty Slutsky, but it’s also a working model that can be used in combat. So bonus points there. As I said, I think all the colors work really well. It’s got a clear purple and Grey Theme that’s brought together nicely by the weapons in Cape. When I first showed this mug stream decided to call it the chest the D slot because despite it being really suggestive, there ain’t no way you’re getting in those play pants. Overall, it’s a really good solid slot mug with a nice color scheme from picker Kima number eight shape tricks. Now there’s a simple but obvious reason this slot mug was Verdun and number eight and it has a lot to do with the tactical positioning of shape tricksters nightowl. Yes, that Seibu Goddamnit stream regardless of positioning, it’s for the most part a really nice slot mug. Everything matches the set really well except the belt which I’d recommend changing for a slot mug it doesn’t actually look incredibly slots.

It just kind of looks like something a female Night Elf would wear on a hot day to keep cool. Number seven bear shag This is a female Night Elf slot mug from bear show who seems to have gone for a dangerous spiky feed. I can imagine this character and paling her lovers after a steamy night of gold show ERP. The set itself actually works pretty well with the colors matching for the most part. The only recommendation I’d have is to maybe find some better boosters they do seem abnormally chunky for a female druid overall is a slot mug that loves plays in by showing a bit of leg before penetrating them with spikes on her armor and weapons. Lovely. Number six unnamed Blood Elf. Now usually I wouldn’t include slot mugs that don’t send me a picture of the character select screen but for this one I decided to make an exception.

Not only is this an amazing slot mug, but it’s also a great transmog that I totally use myself on a female mage. I love the combination of colors on this mug and it almost has an Asian feel to it. The player that sent this mug didn’t include their name so whoever you are, if you’re watching, please send me a character select Picture next time so we can get a better look. And thanks for including a list of your transmog pieces. Number five silo this is a really badass female Blood Elf slot mugs I actually really like Not only does it look incredibly slaved but for some reason the weapons make the seller kind of corrupt. Almost like a burning legion suck give us you may think this blood elf looks kind of cute and innocent at first, but I bet she’s a mass murderer at heart chopping up her victims after some cheeky Silvermoon ERP.

In terms of colors the says self actually works and I’m not sure what I’d change if anything overall is a gray slum or with an interesting and dark theme. Number four android android slot mugs one that I find really interesting. I think the headpiece works really well with the shoulders and almost makes her night owl female look like a nerdy slot which I quite like the only thing I’d change in this set as the bell which doesn’t quite work for me despite it being blue. It’s just the wrong type of league. Other than that, it’s a mug that most people on my stream really seem to like and it’s the first intellectual nerdy themed slot mug I’ve seen so bonus points for that. Number three Gotse surprisingly this was the only female dry slot mug that I was sayin which is weird considering the gold shot in is full of drama I slept muggers.

Regardless this from God’s he is actually really nice as we’ve all got slept mugs, it looks incredibly slutty. Whilst also looking badass. Thanks for a weapon and shoulders. She almost looks like a slutty dry Reaper. He’ll give you one last night have fun before eating your soul. Overall is a very nice slot mug that contrasts her innocent face with her deadly weapon to trick you into a false sense of security. Number two there Shug now this slot mug was voted in at number two purely because it looks hilarious. I died a little inside when I saw this live stream because I never thought I’d see a female tour and slug mug while I was wrong and bash Oak has proven that it can be done. I think the facial expression on this tour and actually looks pretty suggestive with this set. almost like she’s giving you the eyes and hope that you’ll milker just imagine walking past a field and seeing this beast staring back at you.

Hey there mister, want to have a good time? I’m not sure if I’d be weirdly aroused or extremely scared overall as a slot monk that shows that even female Toren can be kind of sexy with some leather boots. Number one Paley This for me is by far my favorite slot, my girlfriend’s son this month, Paley has not only created an incredibly badass transmog, but it’s also a damn fine slot mug and she’s even tactically positioned her character in a way that gives us that juicy Night Elf side boob. For me everything in this set matches really well and the mythic robot is 17 shoulders make the mug stand out from the crowd. Compared to a few other mugs on this list. pili slot mug is a little more modest and covered on the lower half which gives it a touch of class overall I think this slot among more than deserves the number one spot and you guys that vote on my Twitch stream did a really good job.

Okay guys. So that’s it for this month’s Top 10 Trans mugs and slow mugs. If you want to be in with a chance of being featured in next month’s Top 10 or having your mug shown on my Monday live streams. Then email your mugs to lazy peon submissions@gmail.com Please only send transmogs with a maximum of two set pieces as the point of a transmogs to make something different from blizzards design. Anyway, hope you enjoyed the video guys. This will be a monthly series so I’m going to continue. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time

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